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ECOBRANDS are eco-factories that specialize in recycling various plastic waste and producing environmentally friendly building materials, as well as small architectural forms for developing and landscaping private garden spaces and urban and park areas.

Our mission is cleaning
up the planet from plastic

We care about people's health

We ensure environmental comfort

We've created sustainable technologies

We believe in a clean and harmonious world

We are open to investors

We work for the environment, investors, and employees

Our customers and the environment are our top priorities

We use safe working methods

We work for
a sustainable and happy future


The first workshop in a garage 80 km

5 employees

Eco bench* made of 5000 bags

* First in the world


7 eco-plants

56 jobs

31508 trees saved


12 eco-plants

97 jobs

54 120 trees saved


23 eco-plants

207 jobs

103 560 trees saved


36 eco-plants

377 jobs

162 080 trees saved


We have found a unique solution to create composite materials and small architectural forms based on polymer sand technology, which allows producing products of any shape with a high degree of reinforcement.

In terms of the technical result, iIt let us expand the range of building structures, which have no wood in them.

Advantages of the products
made from this cutting-edge material


They've been granted environmental certification

Durable (elastic)

Plastic elasticity provides additional durability, higher than that of granite and concrete


Even direct exposure to fire does not affect the shape and integrity of the product

Waterproof and antibacterial

Products don't lose shape or rot, because plastic and sand do not absorb moisture


Preservation of the original appearance for many years, regardless of the impact of external factors and weather conditions

Resistant to UV light

UV does not penetrate deeper than 1 mm, and expansion under heat is no more than 2%


The material is made from already produced and discarded plastic, and can be recycled again under patented technology

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ECOBRANDS on the global environmental agenda

Our technologies

allow recycling secondary raw materials and preserving trees, as the technology uses only collected plastic and sand

>12k tons

of secondary raw materials have been recycled during our operations

>130 k

trees have been saved

9,6 mln kg

of plastic waste have been recycled

>65 k

new products for a clean city have been produced

We look at our company's development through the lens of the global objective to create a clean planet and support the trends of sustainable development and a responsible attitude to nature

We realize our ideas by creating a large, international holding company with a diversified, high-quality portfolio of retail and wholesale contracts

We are committed to create jobs and contribute to many of the world's economies on a regular basis

The best social entrepreneurship project of the Russian Federation in the field of economics 2019-2020

Best manufacturer according to the international community of GSEA 2021

Best ECG project 2022

Winner of the Global Energy Awards 2023


We have already reached the top and are planning to conquer new heights together with our partners

Join EcoBrands

500 000

trees saved



> 200 000 tons

of recycled plastic waste

We believe in new ways,
of cleaning up the planet

Our team believes that it's possible to make the planet really clean while building an ecosystem on every level, from technology to personal communication with our customers.

Each team member is aware of their personal responsibility within the environmental agenda.

Alexei Varlamov Founder

We follow the strategy of harmonious development of business, keeping balance between the financial success and the social aspect of our work.

It manifests in everything we do, from building our industrial park to our relationships with partners and employees

Alexey Zaitsev CEO Dubai

ECOBRANDS — is a reliable partner for business development

Our team has in-depth expertise in the recycling market

Purchasing our products

Town councils Real-estate developers Corporations Hotel and restaurant chains
  • A unique format of ECO development and landscaping of:
    • parks, squares, administrative territories
    • residential compounds
  • Implementation of the ESG program "3 in 1":
    • purchasing goods made from recycled materials
    • infrastructure improvement
    • reducing the carbon footprint
  • Supporting the sustainability trend
    • Modern furniture made from recycled materials
    • 250+ products that will make any outdoor space look beautiful
    • products require no maintenance
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Purchasing equipment

Waste collectors and production workers Owners of production facilities of metal structures Builders Real-estate developers
  • Production of building materials and street furniture without additional investments
  • Innovative system - modular plant (1 line)
  • 1 modular plant:
    • Capacity of 40+ tons per month (within 2-shift operation hours)
    • Recycling over 10 tons of plastic per month
    • Profit of 60 000 $ + per month
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Investing in the project

Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Our investment model is built on the principles of transparency
  • Production and sales volume is designed for 5 years
  • Investment volume into the project: from $ 75000 (1% share)
  • Share in dividend ESG production of innovative goods from recycled plastic with the following key financial indicators:
    • 35% – IRR, project profitability
    • 55% – EBITDA of the project
    • 60% – project marginality
    • 22 months - return-on-investment period of the project
    With 8 lines and production of 3200+ tons per year, the investment will make 3,1 million $, and differential cash flow for investors will make 6,6 million $ for 5 years.
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Our strategy is based on the balance of three factors: commercial efficiency, care for the environment, and people's comfort

Our strategy is based on the balance of three factors:


Love what we do and make sure that every aspect of our business is interconnected and complements each other

Are open to people, investors, environmentally friendly technologies, and fair business practices

Believe that our harmonious approach allows us to be more efficient

Believe that our approach to business will allow us to develop and landscape outdoor spaces in many cities around the world